Qrush Takes Aim…and Misses

I was all set to post about Ty Tribble at MLMBlog interviewing my upline for his blog; I was gonna say great job, Ty; Thanks for your sincerity. But, that’ll have to wait. ; )

If my regular readers will remember this post about me “faking it”, they’ll understand why I must offer a rebuttal, once again; to the misplaced assumptions of Blogger Qrush.

For those not “in the know”; Qrush is a blogger that purports to be a supporter of Quixtar and has taken aim at several other bloggers that run “anti” Quixtar sites.

His blog, in my opinion, stands for nothing any self-respecting Quixtar IBO would participate in. It encourages the same kind of venom it seems to be against. It’s not the course any MLM rep should participate in. Our purpose is business, not innuendo.

Well today, Qrush mentions my little blog AGAIN as he analyzes his favorite “anti” site. The reference is in regards to, “Why” On The Road With Dave is linked at the site.

Qrush takes aim at my blog when he says…

On the Road with Dave” This is an alleged Quixtar site that is probably more like a Passport site run by a guy that still renews his Quixtar number to appear neutral. Dave emailed Qrush upset that I was picking on the Gang of Passport Misfits. Qrush’s question to Dave is why would you defend a group of people that have done nothing but disparage Quixtar and their leaders for three years? Does the name Vidkund Quisling mean anything to you Dave? If you are a Quixtar IBO then stop associating with these miscreants.

Qrush misses the target on all points and actually outright lies about one.

Let me explain.

I still renew my Quixtar number, because I AM AN ACTIVE IBO IN QUIXTAR. That’s never been a secret. I’m not in the Passport business, and although I know and respect some Passport Reps, I personally prefer Quixtar and the way I conduct business without the use of a “tool system” over the Passport opportunity.

It’s also a violation of Quixtar rules to be involved in a competing company.


“Dave” did, indeed, email Qrush when Qrush first started his crusade. The email asked “Who was the ‘Gang of Ten’ and why is it now the ‘Gang of 8’?” This question was sparked by Qrush’s attack of 10, (now 8, possibly 5) Passport Reps. I just wanted to know who was in the Gang of Ten. He just always mentions one guy in particular, for the most part.

I never ever said I was upset about it, I just stated I was curious as to who they were.

Qrush never responded. Maybe he doesn’t even know who they are. Does anybody know?

In answer to Qrush’s question to me on why I defend a “group of people”; I say, “Qrush, I defended your right to speak your mind to several in “the group” and I defend “the group” for the same reason.

Free thinking people are the cornerstone to making changes where changes need to be made.

Mr. Quisling was not a free thinker, he was an egoist and sought a tyrannical rule, my “association” with this “group” does not border on “betrayal”, but rather it epitomizes the fact that I shall not be ruled by any “group”, be it pro-Quixtar or anti-Quixtar. That makes me “my own man”, not a puppet. Try it sometimes Qrush, it’s quite invigorating.


My fellow blog readers, I apologize for the rant. Go out tomorrow and whatever you do, whether it’s in MLM or otherwise, do it with sincerity and don’t “fake it.

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3 Responses to Qrush Takes Aim…and Misses

  1. Dave Stone says:


    I think I’m one. Either number 5 or number 6 but not really sure.

  2. Hey Dave R. (not to be confused with Dave S), I made a post about QRush’s “expose'” as well, and I had a question for you.

    Since you are an active IBO, making money for the company, selling and recruiting as an authorized IBO representing the company by way of a signed agreement… shouldn’t you complain to Alticor/Quixtar/IBOAI about the Qrush guy who has “no affiliation” with Quixtar badmouthing you on their behalf?

    Just a thought.


    P.S. still waiting for you on the comedy circuit. (grin)

  3. Roger,

    It’s like I told Qrush in the post, I defend his right to “badmouth” me; if he wants to call me a pinko liberal..fine. That’s all covered by his and our First Admendment right. And he’d be telling the truth, I’m a liberal. But he must be corrected when he is wrong.

    Since he has no “affiliation” with Quixtar, he doesn’t profess to be an IBO, I can’t really file an effective complaint about him.

    But I can reply to what he says about me, and correct the facts. That was the purpose of the blog entry.

    I also understand that by simply putting my thoughts “out there on the web”, I’m open to rebuttal.

    Sidney Schwartz rebutted the old Amway Guard and spawned many sites against Amway and that tradition continues.

    Qrush is simply doing the rebuttal in reverse..A lot like the old Amway Fact or Fiction Website..Qrush’s only limitation is that he does his rebuttal with a lot less class.

    I’m content with my reply to Qrush.

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