Movie Recommendation/Fahrenheit 9/11

Is it propaganda?

A bashing of the GOP on celluloid?

Is it an expose’?

Is it a clever use of film editing and misdirection?

Is it staged?

Could any of it be true?

I just watched Fahrenheit 9/11, a film by Michael Moore.

I watched it with an open-mind and with a certain insight into filmmaking after spending 6 years as an industrial video producer. Yes, I saw a certain propaganda element to the movie; and yes I saw certain scenes specifically filmed with a knowing outcome.

But, here’s my recommendation; spend the 3 or 4 bucks to rent the movie. Don’t rely on what you have heard about it, or what your political affiliation is, or what you may or may not think of Michael Moore.

In fact, after you watch it, then go rent FahrenHYPE 9/11, the rebuttal to the film also available on videotape. Get both sides.

With less than ten days until the Presidential election, you owe it to yourself to at least see what all the fuss was about.

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