“Make Your Blog Da Shizznit!”

Thanks to Snoop Dog; any blog, any website can be “da shiznit”.

Go to the Shizzolator; type in your favorite URL and Snoop will translate your site into “da shizznit” and “paper” ain’t required.

I translated my blog when I went and let me tell ya, I’m a “mutha” blogger; know what I’m saying?

If you prefer to translate your site into “Redneck” or Cockney try this site.

The Universal Translator

Peace Out, Dude!

UPDATE: April 3, 2016; The Shizzolator no longer works. The site went defunct sometime in 2005. The Universal Translator site has a version of the Shizzolator that translates to “pimp-speak” minus the “shizznit”.

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One Response to “Make Your Blog Da Shizznit!”

  1. MBroderick says:

    well schnizzle my nizzle….hahaha thats funny dave, thanks!

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