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I received an email last week from someone that was referred to me, because of the way I conduct business.

The person was interested in my Quixtar business, but wanted to ask me some questions before he decided if I was the right “fit” for him. His questions were typical of someone already in MLM and familiar with the “jargon” and compensation of Multi-level Marketing.

Some MLMers would be hesitant to answer these questions, because if answered “wrong” or with not enough hype, they might not be considered “perfect sponsors”.

Some might be embarrassed because, if they don’t appear successful, then they might not sound impressive.

I’ll list the Questions and give you the Direct Answers I gave him. I omitted any reference to the person’s name or his situation.


I have built my sales and sponsored a few people. I want to go faster, but am very content with my progress and growth. I have a growing downline and people come to me to learn more. For the past 6 months I have traveled with a job and was on the road quite a bit. I have the opportunity to work that job now closer to home and I’m actively back involved on a more day-to-day basis with working with Quixtar.


We don’t have a platinum in our ‘system’ yet. The volume in our organization is about $130,000-$160,000 annual sales. There are many things to discuss about this — like how consistent it is, and also our attrition rates are a fraction of the Amway AMO type systems. If you want to talk more, let me know. Again, the progress of our system — being a brand new business model — community building on the web — is very good. We JUST moved the organization to a Web based forum last year, I can send you an invitation to the FORUM; if you desire. As with any new business — I can’t show you rows of Diamonds — but I can show you what we are doing and you can use your best judgment as to whether you think it will work. That’s part of business, starting NEW process and new things — and capitalizing on that momentum.


We provide online training through an internet forum/community. We communicate via the forum, email, and Instant Messaging; and of course, offline by telephone. There is virtually no overhead building the organizations with our business model. Offline Sales is also encouraged; although even that, can be taken care of via the Web.

Via the Forum, the whole TEAM interacts with one another, and contributes to the training. Making it truly an INTERACTIVE business. You could “show the Plan” offline if you desire, or merely let Q’s site presentation handle it for you. We don’t “show the plan” in living rooms, a simple download of the SA-4400 is sufficient.


My goals are a bit more complex than merely supporting myself through Quixtar, but I absolutely think Quixtar will be a major part of that goal, and may very well provide what most people would consider ample support for myself.

Building organizations–online and from home; and creating sales locally through Quixtar is something I truly believe is viable. I am totally convinced that building a business online is a BETTER system with Quixtar than building the old AMO/Amway style.

I hope this adequately answers your questions. Remember, above all, the Quixtar Opportunity is first and foremost YOUR business…You can freely run your individual business without any interaction…If you so desire. You may not want to learn a “new” untried system as it were. I can only say that within my life, I am a much happier IBO, and sometimes more profitable, with my small efforts thus far.

How’d I do?

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One Response to Direct Questions

  1. Ty Tribble says:

    I would like to see direct answers to the first two questions. However, I think the second question is more important than what level you are at.

    From my experience, if you are building a group without the usual hype and based on true retail sales, the volume will grow more slowly but will be more steady as well.

    I would ask two questions.

    1. What is the highest level achieved by building Quixtar in this manner?

    2. How long has this online system been in place?

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