For those who don’t know; BlogShares is like a fantasy football site for Bloggers.

Bloggers and Blog Fans speculate on Blogs as if they were companies. Buying and selling stock in Blogs.

I haven’t done anything as far as playing the game, but my blog is listed and I go to the site to see how my “company” is doing from time to time.

On the Road with Dave has been quite active in recent weeks and I wanted to share these two “press releases” from the site.

The reason I’m sharing them here is that I have no idea what is going on. Any Blog Share fans read my blog? Could anyone enlighten me on what happened?

07:24 14 Oct 2004

On The Road with Dave was the subject of much speculation when analysts at several firms were heard to be very positive about it’s recent performance. It’s share price rose from B$2,529.32 to B$3,793.98. Much of the hype was said to originate from (name deleted) whose Gag Master (artefact) was said to be involved.(name deleted) declined to comment on the recent speculation.

03:28 15 Oct 2004

On The Road with Dave suffered a huge setback with several analysts urging their clients to ditch the stock as it suffered a public relations disaster. The exact nature of customer dissatisfaction was not known but (name withheld) was rumoured to have had a hand in it. Industry insiders suspect a Gag Master (artefact) was involved. On The Road with Dave share price dropped from B$1,117.60 to B$547.36 (name withheld) declined to comment on the recent speculation.

So what disaster happened? Feel free to email me and tell me, or you could leave me a detailed comment.

UPDATE: In March of 2011, Blogshares‘ server crashed and the site never fully recovered.  It has been offline completely since December of 2016.  

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  1. Loser says:

    Well, I also start taking some interest in the Blogshares. Some one played an artefact on ur blog I guess. Nothing serios, just plain silly fantacy.

    Blogshares is stupid, perioud. Eg. will be a different blog than (the trailing slash)

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