An “ex’ is a “has-been”…

…and a “spirt” is just a drip under pressure.

I used to consider myself an “expert” in Multi-Level Marketing. I could discuss compensation plans within other companies. I could discuss and cite legal codes dealing with MLM, and I could argue points that defended the entire concept of Multi-Level Marketing.

Today, I’m not so sure.

I’ve looked and read about 25 different blogs today that deal with MLM; plus the message boards and forums I usually read. (Yes, I’m still sick and had nothing else better to do)

It seems the entire MLM world is under attack. And the attacks come from within.

Granted, there have always been heated discussions on Internet forums about someone leaving their original company for another company, or personal attacks against someone that constantly “jumped” from company to company.

There were compensation plan attacks, and attacks against “lead systems” or mailing lists; but somewhere in the arguments buried deep, you could usually find a bit of advice on how to effectively build an MLM business from the ground up. There was always some advice to follow or a technique to modify for your own use.

These days, it seems it has all boiled down to “my company is better than yours” “Your company sucks” and You are a “deleted expletive”.

And the Blogging world is little different. The “Anti-Company” blogs are multiplying. Some merely more than entry after entry of obscenities and insults aimed at another blogger involved in another company, or reams and reams of biased info against another company in hopes of discrediting that company.

And some of the comments at these blogs show more paranoia and conspiracy theorists than an episode of the X-Files.

Call me cliche’, but a southern colloquiallism comes to mind, “When ever you start throwing dirt, that just leads to losing ground”

It occurs to me that if these blogs and message board entries and their authors are posting with the intent of attracting prospects, or changing their company’s image then surely they can’t possibly believe that such tactics currently being used would ever garner them anyone more respectable than themselves.

But maybe that’s not their purpose.

Like I said at the beginning, if this is what MLM is all about now, then I’m far from an expert. And come to think of it, I wouldn’t want to be an “expert” in that kind of setting.

Maybe, I’m not even really in an MLM company. Maybe I just happen to sell a few products and show a few others how to do the same. And for that I make a small profit and a commission. No that can’t be it, another company ALREADY uses that strategy, and claims not to be an MLM; and of course; I think that Company Sucks!

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