Non-Labor Day

Ribs are slow cooking on the grill. (dry rub seasoning; a vinegar-based mop sauce)

A cold Bud in my hand, as I sit and relax and watch the smoke and enjoy the savory smell in anticipation of a fine afternoon with my friends.

Tropical Storm Francis is a good 3 hours east of me, some clouds in the sky, a little wind, but all in all, a nice afternoon.

After you read this, turn your computer off, don’t get caught in any Internet drama, close your prospect book, turn off that motivational tape, put down those papers from the office, and go outside.

If you are one of the unlucky ones working today, make a point at quitting time, to go home and relax. Nothing has to be done today, that can’t wait. Enjoy some time with yourself or your family, reflect on some good things in your life.

Start Fresh tomorrow, that’s my plan.

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