Hurricane Ivan: The Aftermath

Ivan Sucks!

Technically, it blew.

It blew down houses.
It blew out lives.
It blew down trees.
It blew down billboards.
It even blew a 300 pound potted fern from a hotel balcony.

Mostly it blew through our money while we lived for two days in a hotel four hours from home.

And it blew through more money while we had to eat out a lot with no electricity for three more days.

It blew through a lot of personal energy for those three days back home, while we cleaned debris, tree limbs, and leaves.

But today, the last of the debris has been piled up, the electricity is back on for us(some 100,000 people are still without power)

Luckily for us, our home was intact. My partner’s home also stood against the force. The house we were remodeling, lost part of the front porch and an attic turbine; that caused some minor water damage to one bedroom ceiling. Damn, that room has to be re-painted once AGAIN!

But, thankfully, we have had homes to return to. The heat was unbearable without AC for three days, but many thousands of others, have no home to live in, much less “conditioned air”. Sleeping with the windows opened relieved the heat some, but then we were subjected to the constant roar of generators running in the neighborhood. (we really tried to find a generator to buy, but with almost 300,000 people without power in three states; a generator was hard to find.)

Tonight, when I lay my head down on my favorite lumpy pillow, with the ceiling fan spinning quietly overhead; the thermostat set on a chilly 65(…Hey I deserve it!); you can rest assure my last thoughts will be thankfulness that my family is together and a concerned prayer for those still suffering.


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