(gasp) A Non-MLM post!

This is the personal site of Lori Harrison-Smith. I’m just a regular gal living in a regular town making a regular living. I work as a freelance copywriter.

That’s what she says on her About page at Fresh Perspective blog.

It’s a blog filled with photos and commentaries from Ms. Harrison-Smith.

Lots of photos of her dogs and lots of photos of appetizing food.

muskmellorismithCurrent photos of a muskmelon and a doorknob border on art in my opinion.

These photos are interspersed with entries such as this:

The faces of the Haitians haunt me. The blindfolded man from yesterday’s headlines haunts me. There’s so much hurt and devastation that goes on in this world. Yet I’m sitting here, comfortable in a home that, although it might not withstand a tornado, it’s certainly not in danger of succumbing to a mudslide. My life is cake really. I’m not on the streets. I’m not hungry. I’m relatively healthy, and my friends and family are too.

Take a break and get a Fresh Perspective.

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