“Cleaning House”

Okay, I’m online despite my Computer Woes; so I’ll try to catch you up to date on a few things.

In Quixtar news:

August 31, 2004; Quixtar Sales set a new one day record of $12 Million.

September 1, 2004; Quixtar celebrated 5 years as a new separate entity in the Alticor structure. Quixtar reports that there are 360,000 IBOs now operating under Quixtar.

This weekend Quixtar’s website will be shut down for 36 hours. What’s the deal?

Well, on Tuesday Quixtar 2.0 goes online. A completely new redesigned site highlighting ease of use for visitors, clients, members and IBOs. I’ve seen some of the demos of a few pages of the new site. It looks extremely impressive. New flashier Log In page, product pages, Business Presentation pages, the works!

It seems the redesign project is the culmination of months of work at Quixtar Corporate. Blogger Figure 8 will be blogging the details at his site over the weekend.

Once again, I think this will lead to even more Independence for “non-tool” IBOs. More corporate support, means less dependence on “organizational” support.

In Handyman News:

We are in week two of remodeling a new house to be put up for rent. I spent the last few days, applying drywall mud to cracks, nail holes, and seams; and sanding everything smooth.

It appears that the previous owners were really in love with masking tape. Instead of fixing the walls properly, they covered everything with masking tape and painted over it. It was one surprise after another peeling the “years old” tape off and fixing things correctly. Also, quick word of advice: Never paint over wallpaper. It makes a handyman really mad, when he peels sheets of the stuff down, after the paint pulls the paper away from the wall after “so many years.”

I started ripping up the gold and blue shag carpet today,(Yes, you read that right, and it looks as bad as it sounds) and discovered hardwood floors. Do I refinish them? Or do I cover them back up? The floors could be salvaged with a lot of work, BUT, the emphasis is on a LOT of work. Anyway, we’ll see what we decide after Labor day.

In Comedy News:

I got a link to a new ventriloquist dummy available, but arrived at the site too late, all copies are gone. But it’s worth a look to go see it. It’s the George “Dumbya” dummy. It could have been a real treat to pretend I was Dick Cheney.

(Joke Explanation: A ventriloquist is often accused of having his hand up a dummy’s ass..you figure it out!)

Hope this update satiates all you guys that have been coming here to look at the same page for the last few days, I know it helps me “clean out” all these thoughts, I wanted to write about the last day or so.

Until next time, I’ll be on the internet dirt road, traveling in the slow lane!

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