Quixtar and Beyond

I’ve been reading some MLM Blogs and Quixtar blogs lately.

The majority of the Quixtar blogs I have found; talk a great deal about Quixtar, BUT, they are written by people in a competing MLM. Their purpose is to express the author’s dissatisfaction with the Quixtar opportunity, gossip about Quixtar IBOs who run organizations in a questionable manner, and to subtly, or not so subtly, promote their own company.

Only one blog: The original QuixtarBlog maintains it’s original mission fairly intact. Although the blog is still not favorable to the Quixtar opportunity as it exists among some organizations, the author has no ulterior motive that I can see.

In retaliation, several IBOs who run these “questionable” organizations are blanketing the “net” with a flurry of blog activity of their own. I suppose they are hoping, some how, to deflect the negativity with positive fluff.

Among all these MLM-oriented blogs, the fur is flying.

But, I recently found a blog by someone using the pseudonym of Figure 8, who is quietly writing his own little Quixtar blog. He’s not an IBO, nor does he seem to have a particular axe to grind.

He’s an employee of Quixtar; stuck in his self-described “cube”, plugging away at Quixtar headquarters. Not all his posts deal with Quixtar; he occasionally fills us in on his personal life. But since I am an IBO, and I like to hear corporate inside “chatter’; his blog is a great read.

From the blog’s description:

Quixtar and beyond

Well I thought I’d write about my life here in the cube farm at Quixtar and also the slightly more entertaining things I get up to outside of Quixtar.

Pay it a visit, and feel free to come back and tell me what you thought.

Quixtar and Beyond

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4 Responses to Quixtar and Beyond

  1. Eric says:

    Just to say, “I was there first” I’ll mention that I posted about Quixtar and Beyond last month in my Quixtar Chatter links:

    I’ve been watching it to see if it will stay around or just disappear like so many other Quixtar blogs. Thanks for the props on my blog. Means a lot.

    And on the Quixtar blogging, I think it’s interesting to see some of these… uh… odd blogs. I don’t know how to describe them. I like “positive fluff.” I still trust in blog karma. If you build a blog, are honest and use it to post compelling and genuine content, then people will read it and follow it. If you only post “fluff” then I believe your blog will eventually die.

  2. Figure 8 says:

    Thank you for the kudos on my blog. Its good to know that people are actually finding my inane scribblings worth a read. Have to say I like yours too.
    Figure 8 – Quixtar and Beyond

  3. Dave Stone says:

    Hi David,
    I am a new reader of your blog and intend to become a regular visitor. I truly appreciate the style, tone, and color of your entries. Now I will get busy reading through more of your archives. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Dave S, for the nice words.
    I have visited your blog as well, if you are the same guy I think you are. Thanks for checking in.

    But this IS The Hotel Alabama, you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. : D

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