My Political Affiliations

There seems to be some confusion going on about political parties, political ideologies, and even religious affiliations; and how they relate to Quixtar IBOs.

Apparently, because some of the large Lines of Sponsorship in Quixtar are vocal about their Republican affiliation and their strong religious convictions; most outside the Quixtar world believe these things to be true of all IBOs.

One recent blogger has gone on record as saying (paraphrasing)that if you are against Quixtar, then you must be a commie pinko liberal Democrat.

Well, I’m not against Quixtar. But, neither am I a Republican.

In case anyone is wondering about MY affiliations, here’s the scoop.

1) I’m a registered Democrat.

2) I’m morally against abortion as a means of mere birth control, but I stand behind the Supreme Court.

3) I grew up in a fundamental Christian faith rooted in the Restoration Movement, but I am a “student” of religious history, and do not blindly go with theological doctrine on all matters.

4) I believe in prayer, just not led by anyone in our schools. If you were Jewish, would you want your child to be led in a Christian prayer, in Jesus’s name?

5) I believe that every American should have affordable health care provided for them

6)I believe oil companies are gouging the American public.

7)I believe that environmentalism is a good thing, and should not be counterproductive to business, but embraced.

8)I disagree with PETA, but defend their right to take that stand.

9)Michael Moore makes great movies.

10)Rosie Perez is a “hottie”. (okay, that’s a universal truth, not just my own)

Will any of these beliefs of mine affect how I do business? Sure. They will attract some people and repel others. That’s the nature of owning a business.

Yes, I may be a tree-hugging, ACLU-defending, liberal whack-job, Democrat, but I’m also a Quixtar IBO. And as long as I conduct my business properly, that is okay with the folks at Quixtar Corporation. We have the Right to Differ.

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2 Responses to My Political Affiliations

  1. MBroderick says:

    Rosie Perez IS a hottie. I’ll agree with that!!!

  2. Hey Dave, just stopped by to see what you had to say… I’ll agree Rosie Is Hot!!!

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