eBuzz; Blogging; and Going Home

Third things first…Tomorrow I head back to Alabama. All projects and loose ends have been taken care of, up here in Maryland. Time to go home and make new plans for the total re-location and re-opening of my partner’s business.

I also have some plans of my own to work on, before the end of the month. September is a common month to begin a fiscal year in a business. Although it’s not my fiscal year, I often use September as a “New Year’s Eve” to get a head start on new goals and plans. So I have a few weeks to “get my ducks in a row” for some new plans.

Now, on to some other thoughts.

Quixtar has initiated a new website. It’s an “online monthly e-zine” called eBuzz.

This month features an article on web logs; blogging to you and me.

Here’s a clip from the article.

What started out a few years ago as an online personal diary of sorts, has now grown into its own industry. It’s estimated that there are now millions of people who “blog.” Blog = Read blogs, have blogs, post comments on blogs.

Who Are These People?

“One would think the younger generation would be perusing blogs day and night. 30% are between 31 and 40 years, while more than 37% are 41 to 60 years old. Only 17% of blog readers fall between 25 and 30 years, while a mere 10.3% are 19 to 24 years old,” says Eunice Park, Associate Editor of Imedia.

Blog Reader Stats by Blogads

80% male

40% have income of $90K or more

10.3% between ages 19 and 24

30% between ages 31 and 40

37% between ages 37 and 41

Most are information enthusiastic. They read―a lot.

They subscribe to publications like National Geographic and The New Yorker

Internet is the primary news source for this group

Don’t make any business decisions based on this Blogads information, but value it for the trending information. The sample size was small (under 1800 people).

The article starts out mentioning “lifestyle” products, such as Harley Davidson. It’s interesting to me they use that example because I mentioned the same company when I did my entry on “Cult-Brands“. Oh well, I guess I’m ahead of my time. (By at least a week, anyway)

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