Blogs In the “News”

OK, they aren’t really in the news, just on my mind.

First on my mind is Quixtatic. This is another Quixtar employee’s blog; written by a guy named Vincent. Vincent has even paid a visit to my little blog. I’ll be adding a link to his blog in my “Links that I Like” section.

Second and third blogs that are getting some attention on other blogs; are two blogs that are polar opposites on the issue of Quixtar. The first is by a guy named Qrush. Now, first let me say, that I agree with very, very little that this guy says. He attacks a good friend of mine, his views are politically at odds with my own, and his idea of a Quixtar business, is much like, what has spawned so many “anti” sites. All in all, I would not choose him as a sponsor, nor probably a friend.

But, the guy is using “blogging” and the Internet in its purest form. He is publishing his views, getting reactions(other blog press), and his voice is being heard.

His critics are denouncing his blog, for its lack of “Comments”, but they continue to quote his entries in their own blogs. They basically accuse him of not standing up for the debate, and hiding behind the “no Comments” feature.

But, if we are to believe his words; he is receiving voluminous private email from supporters, as well, as critics. You may search for Qrush on your own.

Qrush’s current target is Bo Short. Mr. Short’s blog is the second of these “polar opposites”. Mr. Short is a FormerDiamond of Amway and Quixtar. He left Quixtar and founded his own company selling a similar line of core personal care products. You may search for FormerDiamond the same way, you can search for QRush.

Mr. Short was also interviewed by NBC’s Dateline for the show’s expose’ on Quixtar some month’s back.

Mr. Short’s company, Passport, has many representatives with their own blogs. Mr Short’s blog is not about his own company, but rather about his experiences in his old IBOship with Quixtar. Needless to say, his blog is not kind to Quixtar. I’m sure that Mr. Short feels his concerns with his old line of sponsorship warrants his comments in his blog. I won’t dispute any of his opinions.

His distributor’s blogs tend to refer often to their own experience with Quixtar, and why they also left Quixtar. They also “champion” Mr. Short’s blog, and link to it on their own site, as well as their Passport distributorship site.

The “thrust” of their opinions are that Bo Short is changing Network Marketing. That, Passport is the way things should be done, and that Passport is what Quixtar should have been.

Oddly enough, none of the Passport rep’s blogs mention any concern or denounce the fact that Mr. Short’s blog also does not allow comments, only private email.

Oh well, that’s what’s in the “news” here at WDAVE, until next time, This has been Dave Robison; On the Road.

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5 Responses to Blogs In the “News”

  1. Eric says:

    Good observation. To be clear, I never “denounced” QRush for not enabling comments, I merely listed it as “my only criticism” and I have the same criticism for Bo Short’s FormerDiamond blog. Enabling comments is a decision and while I believe it makes a blog more valuable, I don’t “denounce” blogs that disable them. Some of my favorite blogs ( the most notable) have almost never had comments.

    So, I agree, it does seem a little hypocritical for the Passport bloggers to repeatedly bash QRush for no comments and say nothing of Bo Short’s lack of commenting.

  2. Hi Eric,

    No intention on my part to say that your blog was at fault. As a matter of fact, you have stated, you like the Qrush blog for the same reasons I do, and similarly dislike for the same, if not more, reasons.

    I was just calling attention to things I have read in “Passport” blogs, of late.

    I know, contrary to Qrush’s latest entries, that your blog is not a Passport vehicle.

  3. Eric says:

    Hey Dave,

    I know you didn’t say that but I just wanted to make it clear. And I also want to make clear that I’ve never said I dislike QRush (at least I don’t think I have). So, I have no reasons to dislike the anonymous blogger.

    In fact, I like that blog more and more each day. Seriously, I love reading it. My only complaint now is that there’s too much teasing on it. Too much of “I’ll show you such and such soon” or “just wait till I tell you all about this and that.” A little tease is fine but c’mon, it gets old after a while.

    One thing I try to do on my blogs is not to tell my readers what I’m going to do but just do it. Why waste posts hyping something? Anyway, that’s just me.

    And you’re right, my blog is anything but a Passport vehicle but if people want to believe that, nothing I say or do will change their minds. And frankly, I’m not really interested in changing their minds. What does it matter to me? I know the truth and that’s really all that matters to me. But you know, my blog is the Quixtar BLOG and not the Passport Blog, though I wonder who owns Oh, that’s right. I do.

    How bout a QRush-styled teaser? ;o) Coming soon, an honest and candid look at the Passport business on Passport BLOG. Stay tuned!

  4. me says:

    Belated thanks for linking to my blog, Quixtatic.

    I find your blog quite readable and your politics most agreeable!

  5. me says:

    Hey Dave
    Belated thanks for linking to my site,
    QuixtaticYour blog is good reading and your politics agreeable!

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