Back To Work!

Yesterday I spent the day in Gulf Shores, Alabama with my family and friends. It was “Thunder on The Bay” speedboat racing. I watched several classes of “cigarette boats” race offshore at top speeds nearing 200MPH. It was an exciting set of races, which included the Bacardi Silver speedboat that holds speed records on the water. These boats average $1.5 Million dollars in cost. Between races there was plenty of food and drinks and company. My hat’s off to the hosts.

But, after a week off; today it was back to the grind.

My partner has a new house we are preparing to do some minor work on. (New paint, some drywall work, new carpet, new kitchen cabinets, and installing a shower to give the house two complete baths. (yep, this is what my partner considers “minor work”)

The house should be available to rent by mid-September.

In other news, Dave Stone over at MLM Today reprinted an article I wrote at an Internet forum on the Negative Perceptions of MLM. I had sent him the article in answer to a question on the History of MLM he had posed at his blog. You can read it at Dave’s site. Thanks again Dave, and I’m glad you enjoyed my answer.

(two “blogging Daves”, can the world handle it?)

For those that are awaiting my first installment of my FOCUS ON: series, gimme another day or two…I began scheduling and some preliminary stuff, and have been writing the draft of each installment, but alas, I just don’t feel they are ready for public viewing yet. Bear with me.

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  1. me says:

    Great historical perspective on MLM in your article, Dave. Good stuff!

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