Landmarks on Interstate 85

In my travels back and forth from Mobile, AL to Maryland over the past 5 months; I believe, I’ve made about 8 round trips. That’s 1050 miles one way, so that adds up to be 16,800 miles in 5 months. You start to notice things after that many trips.

The route I take is I-270 to 495 to 95 to 85 to Interstate 65. If you are familiar with this route, then you’ll know about some of what I talk about in this entry.

The first thing this poor Mississippi boy had to get use to was a 4 billion dollar blunder that some like to call the “Springfield Interchange”

Located in Virginia, this “interchange” connects 4 separate Interstates. It’s supposed purpose is to alleviate traffic congestion in and around the area, as people converge upon the D.C. metro area.

But, at a top speed of 2.5 miles an hour, going through the interchange is a “joy and pleasure” no one should endure. If you get the chance, find an alternate route.

As you travel further into Virginia, you notice countless billboards heading into North Carolina counting down the miles until you reach “Dockside Dolls”, a local adult entertainment establishment (no, I haven’t been there… yet)

The odd thing about this landmark is that as you pass the exit for this place, you can see it from the interstate. It’s a nice looking building that shares a parking lot with none other than a house of worship. I suppose that if you feel guilty about going to the strip club, you can always go next door to confess your indiscretions.

So now; you’re on Interstate 85 in South Carolina, and come to the town of Gaffney. In case you didn’t know, South Carolina produces more peaches than Georgia.

You quickly become aware of this fact when you lay eyes on the Gaffney water tower, known as the Peachoid.

I attempted to capture a picture of this tower from the Gaffney, SC website and post it to my blog using the Hello software, but it would not copy well. So you have to go to the Peachoid link to see this I-85 landmark.

UPDATE: Photo Added.


Maybe it’s my crassness or “redneck” upbringing, but when you see this very lifelike peach in person, the thing that strikes you is the dimple of the peach and the small bump at the base of the dimple. The image makes one wonder why they didn’t call the tower,

“The Peach Roid” instead of “Peachoid.”

I don’t know, maybe its just me.

After that, you may start watching for signs for “Bedtime Stories”, an erotic adult toy store. It’s quite popular late at night.

caferisqueOnce you enter Georgia, start looking for billboards that say “Topless Topless Topless”…hundreds of billboards. Then, you know you are within 50 miles of the famous Cafe Risque’. Open 24 hours, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hear that the “eggs benedict” is quite tasty.

Okay, don’t get the wrong impression from these landmarks. In my travels along this route I have seen signs that advertise Civil War battlefields, The Charlotte Speedway, and NASCAR museums. I’ve been through Atlanta (Home of nightclubs, museums, CNN, and the Atlanta Braves.) There are also cities that bear the history of the civil rights movement and cemetaries filled with historical figures and heroes along the way as you travel south; but nothing that matches the “awe and wonderment” of these unique landmarks.

So, stop. Take some pictures. Enjoy yourself.

I’ll see you on the road.

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2 Responses to Landmarks on Interstate 85

  1. Anonymous says:

    just to give ya a heads up the topless topless topless is now closed closed closed… yup, Cafe Risque has closed down as of 8/6/2008 for the price of $995,000 coming from the coming from the city itself! So yes, no longer can you stop and get a great hamburger with a side of tits… *sigh* too bad.

  2. That’s too bad…another historical landmark closed. End of an era.

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