I’m a Record-Breaker!

I’m back home in Alabama! Ahhhh, Home Sweet Home.

I’ll be updating you on that trip from hell, in a later entry.

But, I made an order for my Quixtar business right before I left Maryland on June 30, and when I signed back on to my computer today I found this out:

IBOs Set New One-Day Sales Record

$11.3 million in sales on June 30

Independent Business Owners powered by Quixtar generated $11.3 million in sales on June 30, once again setting a record for single-day sales. This newest achievement beat the previous record of $11 million, set just three months earlier on March 31.

“This outstanding – and ongoing – sales performance, fueled by the success of our exciting, new Sports Nutrition product line, is indicative why Internet Retailer has ranked Quixtar as the number-one health and beauty site,” said Ken McDonald, Quixtar’s Managing Director. “This latest accomplishment by IBOs is just one more example of their strong commitment to growing their businesses and the power of our I-commerce business model.”

Okay, I didn’t exactly order a million dollars worth of stuff, but it was a pretty good order, so that makes me a part of the record-breaking day!

Anyway it’s good to be home for the next week or two. I have lots to catch up on, and I hope to relay to you a few entries on our trip from Maryland; and whats going on here on the sunny Gulf Coast.

Until then, relax, take your shoes off and unwind. That’s what I’m doing.


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