Time Flies!

It’s been an entire week since my little baby blog was created. I’m happy to report father and blog are doing well.

I wonder if the multitude of readers(okay, it’s more like 11) have been inspired and enlightened by their visits here. I would imagine that most are just surprised that a poor Mississippi boy could string together some words into sentences with some semblance of coherence.

I contacted BlogSpot to see if they could help me with adding a Links section to my Blog. I did some copying and pasting of some HTML code, but I’m apparently doing something wrong(imagine that) so it’s not looking like I want it to. Hopefully they will respond this week and I can link you to some sites that I like.

I was contacted today by a guy I discussed Quixtar with about a year or so ago. We had some philosophical differences and he decided to move on to other areas of his life.

Now he wants to register.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not because he made his way back , but because it was such an example of giving people room to grow and make decisions in their own time. I sincerely hope that he has found what he’s searching for.

So now week two begins. Keep them cards and letters coming in. Or, here’s an idea; START those cards and letters coming in.

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