Thankful for the Little Things

Have you ever had something happen to you, that made you thankful for where you are in life? One of those things happened to me yesterday.

My wife is sick. No, that’s not what I’m thankful for.

Several years ago, I had quit my job, had started a new business, and was facing a serious mid-life crisis. The mid- life crisis is still happening, but it’s less serious at the moment.

Anyway, bills were getting paid at the time(at least some of them) and the utilities weren’t getting shut off(but, I often paid the guy at the door, when he showed up to turn them off)

Nobody in the family was starving, but we also weren’t exactly eating steak every night, or frequenting a lot of restaurants.

If the car broke down or someone was sick, we just “toughed” it out, until some money was available.

Now, here comes the “thankful” part.

My wife called me yesterday to say she had a serious sinus infection with fever and she had to go to the doctor. The doctor’s visit was $65.00 and he gave her a $100 dollars worth of antibiotics to take.

She called to say, she wrote him a check. And I said, “Great!, I’m glad you went”. I did not say,”What did that cost?” or “Can we afford it?” All I was interested in was if she was feeling any better.

In the last six months we moved into a newly remodeled house, that I help remodel. We have new paint, new carpet, a brand new tiled bathroom, that my wife likes to call “the spa” and all my bills are paid on time every month.

So I have a lot to be thankful for, but something as small as my wife being able to get an “emergency” appointment with a doctor and the proper medication made me sit back and take notice.

Yep, sometimes it’s the little things in life that are the most important, and that makes me smile.

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