One Client at a Time

I got an email today from Quixtar announcing I had a new Client. Wanna hear how I “sold” them on becoming a customer of mine?

For two weeks I was in this client’s home working my “day job”. She was having my partner and I remodel her bathroom and convert a walk-in closet into an extra laundry room on the upper level of her home.

With 4 kids involved in all sorts of sports activities, she was doing literally dozens of loads a laundry a week, and going all the way down in the basement many times a day was beginning to wear thin.

This woman is very active, very involved in her kids’ lives and just has little time to herself. As she checked in on our work each day, we started to talk about raising kids, being married, our jobs, hobbies, interests; all the little things in life.

So when the job was completed, she stood there admiring her new tiled floor with a new washer and dryer, where once there was racks of clothes and shelves, she said “Didn’t you say that you were going to email me a link to your Quixtar site, so I could just order laundry detergent and some other stuff?”

Yes, at some point, in all our conversations, I had mentioned being a Quixtar Business Owner. She had told me about her Stationery business that she did part-time.

So I said I would send her a link with my referral number, and that was that.

That’s the way simple marketing should be. You have regular conversations with people with no predisposed agenda to sell them anything, and if they like you, and grow some respect for you, they will come to you. No pressure, No hype, and no one ever complaining that all you ever want to talk about is that “cult business”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said Dave. Well said.

    Poe 🙂

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