“On the Road Again”

Tomorrow, I leave for Alabama to spend 12 glorious fun-filled days at home. Ok, I may be overstating the “glorious fun-filled” part, but it will be good to spend some time home.

I’m sure some things have accumulated while I was gone, that will need to be taken care of. Plus, I’ll be helping my business partner remodel his new home there in Alabama, as well. So, it will be kind of like a working vacation.

It seems like there is work for me wherever I go. That’s a good thing about being a Quixtar business owner too; because since it’s all done mainly online, I am in business as long as I have a computer up and running

My partner had some minor surgery today and can not lift any thing heavy for a couple of weeks. I’ll pretty much be on my own with his house. I’m sure he is going to attempt to help me as much as possible. He’s one of those people that can’t stand not to do anything. But I hope he just takes it easy, and lets me just work on his house at my leisure.

He and his wife, have been very busy arranging for their re-location to Alabama. This trip, we will be pulling a small U-haul trailer of boxes and building materials; so we will have a few less items to carry on the day of the “big move”.

I have been in Maryland again for almost a month and I need some “Home time”. It will be good to see the family, mow my yard, sleep in my own bed and maybe visit a bar or two during the weekend.

Remember the deck I told you about a few days ago? Well, it’s complete! It’s a 12×20 deck with a 5×5 landing complete with BBQ grill. The deck itself is 8 feet off the ground and is constructed of a pressured treated frame and joists. The decking we used is a composite decking material called Trex®. It looks a heck of a lot better than the old deck we tore down and the client is very happy with it.

I hope to upload some “before” and “after” pictures, so you can take a look at what kind of a handyman I really am.

So don’t look for a new entry in the blog tomorrow night as I will be making the 15 hour trek back to sweet home Alabama. Most likely we will leave tomorrow evening and stop for the night somewhere in North Carolina, which is about half way there.

I’ll let you know how the trip went in a day or two and catch you up on the “homefront”

Until then, dig out your Honeysuckle Rose album, cause I’m on the road again.

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