“Happy Birthday, Aaron”

Dear Aaron,

It’s been twenty years ago today that you “purchased” an E-ticket ride to the Robison family. What a wild rollercoaster ride it has been!

My memories of you growing up, are vivid today. I find myself reminiscing about the first time I fed you pizza sauce from a Domino’s pizza; when you were only 4 months old,(I still feel like this spawned your love for spicy food). I remembered the first time you decided to defend yourself in fourth grade. I think about your first date, the day you signed up for the Army Reserves and the time we searched for a place for us to play pool that would let you come in.

I also remember the time you were lost, when you were eight. I remember the police arriving, asking for clothes that you wore for the dogs to sniff, the pictures of you that were requested. I also remember crying that day like a baby, because I had feared that I had lost my own baby.

I know at this point, you are looking back at childhood and living at home, with some fondness and a wish that you could be young forever, and also a desire to get “out on your own” and be a man.

You are such a strong-willed individual, determined and persistent in your beliefs; and I know that has caused problems between us. It’s no surprise that we are so much alike. I know I have yelled at you in times past, but usually not from anger, but in frustration, because you are so much like your ‘ole man’.

I want you to know, to always know, that no matter what you do in life, that I have faith in you. I know you are capable of all you dream about. My wish is that you work towards those dreams with the same persistence as you might express when you are convincing me that I am wrong and you are right.

Also, know that no matter where in life you are, I am always there for you, no matter what. My love for you is unconditional, no strings attached for any behavior.

Happy Birthday, Son. I love you.


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