“Blogger’s Block”

So, I’m sitting, staring at the screen, asking myself, “What will you write about tonight?”

hot-dog-roller-cookerThe one thing I’d like to avoid doing on this blog, is writing about me having a hot dog for lunch today(Which I did) or about some guy cutting us off in traffic on 270(which did happen).

So, the first thing , I’d like to mention is that fellow blogger, QBlog at Quixtar Blog mentioned my little blog at his site today. His encouragement is most appreciated.

I am in the middle of learning how to add a Links Section to my blog. I’ve read the tutorial, but the Preview doesn’t look like what I want it to, so I hope to finish my crash course in HTML this weekend, so I can return the favor to QBlog and let everyone else know about some of the sites I like. I promise to keep the porn site links to a “bare” minimum. Look for the Update sometimes this week-end.

Last thing for the night, I hope to have developed some form and function to this venture by next week. I may devote certain days to certain topics. Most likely Sundays’ entries may be shorter than other entries, possibly quotes that I feel like repeating, maybe occasionally I’ll bring up a religious topic, that will probably spur some interesting comments from my readers. It will be the readers’ job to figure out what form, function or dysfunction that I chose.

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One Response to “Blogger’s Block”

  1. Eric says:

    Blogger’s block is very real and very dangerous. As you wisely noted, many bloggers will try to push through blogger’s block by writing about their lunch, girlfriend or how the stain on the wall resembles Cher in the dark.

    There are several standard cures for blogger’s block but none of them are 100% effective. Sometimes blogger’s block just happens because a particular blogger is just an extremely boring person. Nothing to be ashamed of, but it doesn’t make for the most interesting blogging.

    The cures are:

    1. Reading Boing Boing for inspiration.
    2. Browsing the Daypop Top 40
    3. Poking around on Technorati
    4. Driving around town with a digital camera looking for some funny sign or person to photograph.

    Number four is probably the most reliable. Keep in mind, when suffering from blogger’s block a nice photo will always substitute for compelling blogging. After all, isn’t a picture worth 1,000 words?

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