A Comment about “Comments”

I’ve received a few nice emails in the last few days about my little blog. One reader advised me that she tried to leave a comment on the blog, but her only options were to leave it Anonymous or sign up as a Blogger. Apparently, when you register to leave a comment it also asks you to create your own blog.

I have to check this out, but in any case, you can leave a comment as Anonymous, but you can always type it out and leave your name as well in the body of the comment. Just a suggestion for future reference.

I changed the “Archives” section today, too. My first few posts were not showing up in the Archive section, the way I had the settings saved. I was losing my first few posts in the listings. Hopefully that has been fixed, and you can go back to the very first day, this hair-brained idea was initiated.

I have been sending the link to this site to a few close friends I have online to get their opinions and feedback. So far, so good.

I have a special entry in mind for tomorrow. The day is kinda special to me, hope you make it back here again to read it.

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  1. Dave Robison says:


    There are many ways to leave a comment now

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