Happy Hanukkah 2017

To all my readers of the Jewish faith, I wish each of you a Happy First Day of Hanukkah!  I’m not Jewish, nor do I have any Middle Eastern origins that I know of; but each year I try to be observant of when the eight-day “Festival of Lights” occurs.

While searching for an appropriate quote, psalm or photo for thimayim-bialik-girling-up-book-ftrs entry; I came across a video hosted by Mayim Bialik.  You may know Bialik as “Amy Farrah Fowler”, the girlfriend of “Dr. Sheldon Cooper” on the TV series, “Big Bang Theory“.  On that show, Mayim often co-hosts, along with “Sheldon, a video web series called “Fun With Flags“.  That series may have an episode about the flag of Israel, but I think I found a much more appropriate video for today.

Bialik is Jewish, a mother, an activist, an actress and a real-life Doctor of Neuroscience, as well as  teen-star of that old TV series, “Blossom“.  She also has a great website called Grok Nation. (Grok–v. To Understand something intuitively or with empathy)

The website’s community “groks out” on the topics Mayim covers.  I am now listing Grok Nation in my “Links I Like”.

So, for a quick “True or False” lesson on the holiday that Gentiles think is the Jewish Christmas–“grok” on Mayim Bialik and her explanation of Hanukkah.





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“Sunday Thoughts”

tykecarxmas“At Christmas, all roads lead home.”

–Marjorie Holmes

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Happy Bodhi Day 2017


Today, December 8th; Buddhists the world over celebrate Bodhi Day, the day when Siddhārtha Gautama, on seeing the planet Venus or “the morning star” at dawn, attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree and became the Buddha, the “Awakened One.” This event is said to have occurred in 535BCE.  By the time Jesus had begun his ministry, 500 years had passed and Buddhism teaching had spread over the known world.

For Buddhists, Bodhi Day is an opportunity to acknowledge their dedication to the principles of wisdom, compassion and kindness. In celebration, candles are lit or brightly colored lights are placed on Ficus trees. The lights represent the 3 Gems of Buddhism. (The Buddha, The Teachings, and the Monastic Order that practice the teachings) A meal of milk and rice may be eaten and just for fun and small children; the baking of Ficus leaf-shaped cookies, or little hearts is done.  (Gluten-free and delicious)

More simply, it is a day of reminding one’s self of the teachings of the Buddha by practicing extra meditation, humility, kindness and compassion. And as bodhi-cookieswe head into the Christmas holidays, those are all acts we can afford to practice.  For just like the Christmas Spirit; Bodhi Day could be every day that we have compassion and kindness in our hearts and to exhibit those traits to others.


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“Attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, By Air”









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