“Get Your Kicks”

I suffer from “wanderlust”. So many places I want to visit. (And believe me, I have a list) I suppose that’s one reason, I named this site, “On The Road With Dave”.

That list includes; walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain; Driving through Nova Scotia; Driving the Cannonball Run Route from Darien, CT to the Portofino Inn in Los Angeles and interning in Antarctica. But as a “wannabe” comedian, nothing evokes the wanderlust more than traveling along Historic Route 66, from Chicago to California.

During the process of rebuilding this site, I discovered many cool sites as resources for planning a trip to “get my kicks on Route 66″.  I am adding “Driving Route 66″ to my sidebar under “Links I Like”

Maybe it will provide you with a little inspiration to plan a trip of your own.  It’s a OTRWD Diversion.

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Thoughts On Memorial Day

trumanMemorial Day. The day in the United States that we honor those who died while serving in our military.  I hear people say they are “celebrating” Memorial Day. That term bothers me. Yes, Memorial Day Weekend is our unofficial first weekend of Summer. Many workers get a three-day weekend. We have cook-outs, family gatherings, we watch the Indy 500 on TV. We celebrate the weekend. We don’t “celebrate” Memorial Day. That’s the day we honor and remember those military personnel who died while in military service.

Memorial Day. “Let us remember all who have served, All gave some; Some gave all.”  That bothers me, too.  If someone has served in the military; I am thankful for their service. They volunteered or took up the duty to serve in the Armed Forces.  For that service we honor all military serviceman on Veterans Day. That is the day we thank our men and women in uniform for that service.  Whether, they saw combat or not, whether they survived a war or not, whether they lived or died–Veterans Day is their day.  That is the day we should say, “All gave some, Some Gave All”.  Veterans Day honors all veterans.

Memorial Day. “Our war dead are heroes, one and all.”  That term bothers me, as well. Not everyone is a hero. Not everyone that dies is a hero. Not everyone that serves in the military and dies is a hero.

Our Armed Forces are served by ordinary men and women. Some of those people rose to extreme circumstances and achieved extraordinary results. They may have given their lives in determined acts to save other lives, to act with heroic measures and attain hero status in uncommon ways. They may have perished in their acts as heroes or survived to received medals, honors and praise.  They were heroes.

Sadly, others perished as cannon fodder, the first wave, or the front row. Others died in their sleep, or eating a cold meal. They died scared, hungry, hot or cold, with a weapon in their hands, or a letter from home. They died running toward an enemy or quite possibly; theymilitary_funeral-736030 died running away.

They were not heroes. We don’t honor heroes on Memorial Day, we honor all those who died for just being there; so we could stay here.  We honor those; not for being extraordinary, but so we could remain ordinary.

These are the things I remember on Memorial Day, and that does not bother me.






Laying a Wreath at the Unknown Soldier courtesy of Abbie Rowe, National Archives
Military Funeral, Alaska, 1944 Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information

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Sunday Thoughts

“Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.  And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”
–Richard Bach

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Keep Banging On!

I have probably told this story before, but I’m not checking the Archives to confirm it. (Besides, the Archives aren’t working yet, anyway)

I was 12 years old and it was New Years’s Eve. Mom and Dad had let me stay up to watch the Guy Lombardo New Years Eve Special on CBS. At 11PM CST, the Big Ball dropped in New York City and I watched Guy’s Last Appearance. (Dick Clark took over the next year)

But, I wasn’t sleepy and it wasn’t really New Years in Mississippi for another hour. So, I changed the channel over to NBC to see what they were doing.

It was that night, I discovered Johnny Carson. And from that night on, I became hooked on Late Night TV. During Carson’s last week as host of The Tonight Show in May of 1992; I recorded the whole week on my trusty VCR.  I had no idea, that his shows would be distributed later on VHS and DVDs.

When Dave Letterman started hosting the Late Show, I only became really a fan after shows like “Ham Sculpture”, and the “360-degree Camera Rotation” show. (The broadcast image rotated by the minute turning like a clock hand) and of course, actress Terri Garr being begged to take a shower on camera and then later doing it.

When Dave ended his show at NBC, I taped that show, as well, and followed him to CBS.

My sons alerted me to the genius of Craig Ferguson, when he appeared on the Late, Late Show following Letterman’s Late Show on CBS.  It took awhile for me to get past Ferguson’s character on The Drew Carey show; but I came to really like Ferguson’s style of interviewing and his “whatever-nobody’s-really-watching” attitude.

So, I’ve been thinking about Dave Letterman’s Final show airing tomorrow night. (Almost to the day, 23 years after Carson’s Last Show) No need to record that on to my DVR.  I’m sure YouTube will have copies for eternity. I hope that it will be a finale’ with the caliber worthy of eternity.

Currently, with many talk shows ending this year, I’ve watched my share of finales. Until I see Dave’s finale; Craig Ferguson holds the current title as best finale this year. Ferguson featured a star-studded opening musical number that, I think, inspires all us “wannabe stars” to keep working like everybody’s watching; when in fact, they may not be.  Dave Letterman is maybe retiring for good, but I’ll keep “banging on”.

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