Keep Banging On!

I have probably told this story before, but I’m not checking the Archives to confirm it. (Besides, the Archives aren’t working yet, anyway)

I was 12 years old and it was New Years’s Eve. Mom and Dad had let me stay up to watch the Guy Lombardo New Years Eve Special on CBS. At 11PM CST, the Big Ball dropped in New York City and I watched Guy’s Last Appearance. (Dick Clark took over the next year)

But, I wasn’t sleepy and it wasn’t really New Years in Mississippi for another hour. So, I changed the channel over to NBC to see what they were doing.

It was that night, I discovered Johnny Carson. And from that night on, I became hooked on Late Night TV. During Carson’s last week as host of The Tonight Show in May of 1992; I recorded the whole week on my trusty VCR.  I had no idea, that his shows would be distributed later on VHS and DVDs.

When Dave Letterman started hosting the Late Show, I only became really a fan after shows like “Ham Sculpture”, and the “360-degree Camera Rotation” show. (The broadcast image rotated by the minute turning like a clock hand) and of course, actress Terri Garr being begged to take a shower on camera and then later doing it.

When Dave ended his show at NBC, I taped that show, as well, and followed him to CBS.

My sons alerted me to the genius of Craig Ferguson, when he appeared on the Late, Late Show following Letterman’s Late Show on CBS.  It took awhile for me to get past Ferguson’s character on The Drew Carey show; but I came to really like Ferguson’s style of interviewing and his “whatever-nobody’s-really-watching” attitude.

So, I’ve been thinking about Dave Letterman’s Final show airing tomorrow night. (Almost to the day, 23 years after Carson’s Last Show) No need to record that on to my DVR.  I’m sure YouTube will have copies for eternity. I hope that it will be a finale’ with the caliber worthy of eternity.

Currently, with many talk shows ending this year, I’ve watched my share of finales. Until I see Dave’s finale; Craig Ferguson holds the current title as best finale this year. Ferguson featured a star-studded opening musical number that, I think, inspires all us “wannabe stars” to keep working like everybody’s watching; when in fact, they may not be.  Dave Letterman is maybe retiring for good, but I’ll keep “banging on”.

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On May 10th, 2015, I published the last entry at one of my most popular blogs I own–originally, titled “Tex’s Quixtar Blog”, and later “Tex’s Amway Global Blog”.TexbannerThe blog started out to give “Tex”, (a pseudonym for a certain Amway distributor) an avenue to express his displeasure with certain business practices of other Amway distributors. These distributors were involved in complex motivational organizations selling books, recordings, and events to their members, in order to motivate and teach their members how to succeed in the Amway direct sales business.

Most of these organizations were, and still are, under fire for their claims and practices that supposedly offer the fastest ways to success.

During 2008, “Tex” was commenting heavily at other blogs and websites that were either in favor of these organizations or decidedly against them.  His methods of debate, attack, and constant reiteration of his stance made him unwelcome at most of these sites.

So, I started a blog that posted Tex’s comments from other sites, and allowed “Tex” to comment and clarify his stances without the fear of being banned. (As was happening to him by other sites at an alarming rate)

Soon afterwards, “Tex” was granted permission to publish his own entries at the blog and readership soared. Hundreds paid “Tex” a visit to comment, argue, and rail against his entries.

I think that a certain amount of credit goes to me in that eventually “Tex” was actually invited by the Amway Corporation to visit one of their corporate events to voice his opinions face-to-face with certain Amway executives.

Things progressed downhill from there.

“Tex” was eventually sued by Amway for a myriad of reasons and “Tex” brought a  counter-suit.  At the conclusion of the legal battle; “Tex” asked that all his blog entries be archived and not visible to the public. (I might add, that this was not a requirement of the legal ruling)

The blog sat for a few years, with just my entries that originally started the blog and a few holiday postings. In the meantime, “Tex” went on to start a new blog.

Since, On The Road With Dave is back again and with a slant not directed at Direct Sales, Multilevel Marketing or specifically Amway–I have decided to permanently place “Tex”s blog on hiatus.

burnett flagTwo entries remain. One explains the initial deletion of all Tex’s entries. The last one requests all visitors to visit Tex’s new site, Stop The Tool Scam.

So, for those old readers of OTRWD looking to still find mentions of “Tex” and his antics here at this blog–it’s probably not going to happen.

Officially, Tex Is On His Own.

And, if you’re still craving “Texas talk” might I suggest,
“Texas Tawk”



Read About The Burnet Flag
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Sunday Thoughts

Meditation is the ultimate mobile device; you can use it anywhere, anytime, unobtrusively.”
–Sharon Salzberg


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Growing Up Boomer

I’m learning to write again. After not blogging for 5 years, I’m a little rusty. All my thoughts in the past few years have been random thoughts, rants, musings and observations written briefly through Facebook status updates, Twitter tweets, and stand-up comedy “bits”. It’s difficult getting back into “long-form” writing.

So, I’m listening more to NPR, reading longer articles about new things I’m interested in; and seeking out existing blogs and writers for inspiration.

I’ve never met Alan Eggleston in person. But, I consider him a friend.  I “met” him online many years ago through my association with the MLM or Direct Sales Industry. Alan was a writer and consultant for Amway Corporation. I knew him for that.

After OTRWD went dark, I “met” him again through Facebook.  Alan describes himself as a Web writer and editor, book enthusiast, and social media strategist. He has been a professional writer for more than 25 years and a professional editor for over 20 years. I would describe him as a “thinker”, a lover of astronomy, and a “phrase turner.” He’s an interesting guy, worth getting to know.

He inspires me, and he has offered great advice and encouragement as I prepared to get back “on the road” in the last few months and I want you to get to know him, too.

Which is why Growing Up Boomer is now an official “Links I Like” in my sidebar.  Check out Alan Eggleston’s latest installment; An Open Letter To Graduates.  It’s good advice, whether you are graduating high school, university, or just starting a new chapter in your life.

“We are deeply curious about something, about trying something, about experiencing something, about doing something. And we ought to do it at some point in our lives”

That’s why I like Alan. I think you will, too.


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