“Sunday Thoughts”

aikenmine-mojave-desert-phone“If you were going to die soon,
and had only one phone call you could make,
who would you call
and what would you say?

And why are you waiting?”

–Stephen Levine



Photo–Legendary Mojave Phone Booth

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My Favorite 10 Films(Maybe More)

Social Media and Facebook in particular, is filled with repeating memes, viral videos, prayer requests, “I need a thousand ‘likes” or this kitten will die” photos and dozens of other participation exercises to repeat and share.

Admittedly, I participate in a lot of them. (not the “kitten” one; but a lot of them) About two weeks ago I was “tagged” in one that got my attention and I fully enjoyed doing the request. Here’s how it started.

“I have been nominated by ______________ to post my favorite 10 films of all-time over the next 10 days. I must post a one-sheet (movie poster) for each of my choices. No explanation is needed regarding the choices, and I must nominate someone each day to do the same.
Today I’m nominating and I’m not holding anybody accountable, Dave Robison

I thought this would be fun, and just so I wouldn’t bug people with my own repeating request meme, I added the bold type, before I nominated anyone.

Each day I posted one of my favorite movies, and I have to say I cheated on the last day, because I have so many favorite movies, but I stopped at 14.

With each of these movies, I can quote whole scenes of dialogue, and have watched them dozens and dozens of times. Some of them are nowhere near being an Oscar® winner or even a contender; but each holds a story or significance that resonated with me when I watched it. Some are significant because of who I first watched it with; or some line in the script that I often repeat; or some idea or place that I wanted to explore.

I thought for your “Saturday Diversion”, I would share a gallery of those movies with you. Maybe you’ll be inspired to order one from Netflix or watch it on-demand, or see if it’s available in the “Cheap” bins at Wal-Mart.

And because it is a OTRWD “Saturday Diversion” edition, I will leave you with a scene and a song from one of those favorite movies.


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“Sunday Thoughts”

photography-tree-new-growth-nature-swittersb“Hidden down in every person is the Divine — Real faith, dreams and visions. Lift your thoughts above the commonplace and live in the Presence of the Best. Spiritual investments are repaid a thousand fold.”

–William H. Danforth







Photo © by SwittersB

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Most of the text from today’s entry comes from a posting on October 12, 2015 entitled “Happy Columbus Day?”  The “question mark” was due to the emerging articles and opinions being formed regarding the explorer, Christopher Columbus, and the evidence that he was not a noble and brave explorer that discovered America, proved the Earth was round, and made friends with the local indigenous people that he met.

taino-warriorPersonally, I never really celebrated “Columbus Day”.  It seemed to me more of a non-holiday. Just a chance for federal employees and banks to close their offices for a day.  But I am now convinced, that if anything needs to be remembered; it needs to be the peoples of the New World that suffered and became extinct due to the new access to their homes and lands.  Some will accuse me of further “liberal , white guilt” of my past European ancestors…but I also possess Native American ancestry, so maybe I just want to pay tribute to that part of my past.

Anyway here is the original blog article.

“I am more inclined to believe that we should no longer celebrate Columbus Day as an American holiday. We shouldn’t forget the discovery of the “New World” and the fact that it was not the land(China and Japan) Columbus was hoping to find. We should not forget the mapping advances and surveying that took place because of Columbus’ landing; and we should not forget the atrocities, slavery, theft, and death that occurred for years after the landing.

Even_the_Rain_Carlos_Aduviri-as-HatueyWe should, however, remember the people who were already living in the Americas before Columbus landed. They had a culture, a faith, and a civilization that suffered many hardships after the arrival and colonization of the Europeans. Some would defend Christopher Columbus and say that these things were not his fault. And in all likelihood, the events that would occur over the next 600 years would have happened at the hands of other explorers. But, that is no reason to celebrate.

tainowarriorSo today, remember and celebrate the Taíno that mistakenly welcomed Columbus to their land and all but vanished over the next 150 years. Remember the Arawak tribes of the Caribbean and South America taken for slaves. Remember that common words you use today came from the Taíno language; such as tobacco, barbecue, and hammock. Remember men like the warrior, Hatuey who fought back against the Europeans and was burned at the stake.”

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on October 12th of each year or as it is in the United States, on the Second Monday of October each year.  There are now more than a hundred cities in the USA now celebrating the day.  And at least one guy in Alabama.



Today’s Entry features a special OTRWD header and a background of Taino symbols.

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