“Sunday Thoughts”

“The death of someone we know always reminds us that we are still alive — perhaps for some purpose which we ought to re-examine.”

–Mignon McLaughlin


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Update About Updates

bignews-breaking-newsNew updates and a more regular writing schedule are on the way here at “ye olde blog”.  Since re-opening “the road”, I admit that updates have been sporadic at best. I take full responsibility for that, but I could place blame on “day job” distractions.  Work has been stressful and long days at the job have taken a toll on the muses that inspire consistent blog entries.

This is not to say that all work at this blog has been nonexistent. I have toiled in the background working on design issues. The Archives are working all the way back to May; but all the older articles prior to migrating to WordPress are still not available in the archives.  There is also an issue with Google searches on old articles returning results that direct you to the actual old blog design. (I can’t believe how “dated” the old design looks now) I still have to correct all that.  Hopefully, after that, the available search engines will find the updated entries and direct inquiries to the proper pages.

When I first reopened the blog in May; my friend Alan Eggleston over at Growing Up Boomer advised me to get on with “the hard stuff-the whiskey of writing”.  Over the next few weeks, I think I can provide a few “shots” of the hard stuff supplemented with the “apple juice of writing” for some filler and consistency.

Upcoming programming will include a tribute to an old friend who recently passed away and a review of a website I recently discovered and have added to my “Links That I Like”. Of course, “Sunday Thoughts” will always be featured. (That is my one constant) I am also working on entries about “finding my religion” and the local stand-up comedy venues.  That’s what I have on tap for now.

In the meantime; Today is the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast and even after 10 years of experiencing the storm; I’m not really in the mood to re-hash it, but if you want to re-live part of my experience, you are welcome to read, Katrina Not Over. It’s an update written 10 years ago during the last half of a very long night and day of the storm.

And it’s Saturday. This video clip is from 1965 and I will discuss it in more detail next week in a special blog entry. Until then–it’s your “Saturday Diversion” This concludes your update on the updates.


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Sunday Thoughts

copyright JerryRainerThe more side roads you stop to explore, the less likely that life will pass you by.

–Robert Brault




Photo ©2003 by Jerry Rainer

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Hide Your Ride From The Repo Man

Mobile, Alabama is home to some great entertainers. Not just yours truly. Talented musicians and bands experiment with a diverse range of musical genres. Styles range from country and rock and roll cover bands to original soul, hip-hop, and urban styles to original rock, jazz, blues, and contemporary easy listening.

My boss at my “day-gig” introduced me to “Mob Towne Revival” a local group growing in popularity along the Gulf Coast. As it happens, many of the members of the band grew up in his neighborhood.

From their website comes this apt description.

Mob Towne Revival

Swelling with Gulf Coast pride, Mob Towne Revival hails from Mobile, Alabama. The city’s central location along the Third Coast comes through in the music. The band has played in support of such acts as the soulful Laura Reed and Deep Pocket, John Popper, and for hip-hop artists like Gift of Gab, Nappy Roots, and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

MTR combines the sultriness of humid Delta blues, the vibe of hip-hop lyricists, the soul of the New Orleans’ funk scene, and the wild festivities of a Mardi Gras parade. The sound is big. The grooves are contagious & you will be shaking and baking when we hit the stage. MTR has rocked crowds across the Gulf Coast, headlining local staples Soul Kitchen and the Alabama Music Box consistently and earning spots in regional festivals.

Their latest release from Repossessed Studios is also relevant to this blogger’s “day-gig”.  The video even features scenes and venues from Mobile, Alabama. Mob Towne Revival represents “The Mob Town” with some great footage as well as their performance. Consider this your “Saturday Diversion”


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